Starting these days with a movy in english:Ancient giants:the hystory and the myth


Today is a special presentation for the  first real day of our website.

I will work many hours with supporters and the assistance of our media for have the great  joy to lunch our  most important and well documented website before his  birth.

After many years of researches,I have the  great opportunuity to give  you  the results of these thousand hours of work for  translate first  in french and in other languages  in the exposition in this website.


Also ,I decide to launch this website with this documentary about giants…you can  earg and see Zecharia Sitchin and David von Daniken for exposed this subject!


Personnal annotation

This is a very interesting reality that has existed on Earth since prehistoric times.  Yet, for some unknown reasons basic history courses about giant humans are not taught in high schools, nor in colleges, nor in seminaries.  According to many sources, giant humans ranging in height from 8 feet tall to 26 feet tall have lived in many countries around the world.  What ever the reasons are for keeping this information secret, I think that the history of giant humans is important for everyone to know.  This webpage will share many facts (and maybe some fiction mistaken as facts, or some cgi) about giant humans.
    There are many stories of giants in ancient religion/mythology , most notably the story of David and Goliath in the Christian Bible.  Also in its book of Genesis were the sons of God, which were giants in those days, the Nephilim.  There are also many stories of giants in ancient Egypt, Diatyas in ancient Hindu mythology, Cyclops, Gigantes, and Titans in Greek and Roman mythology, and the Skinwalkers of Native American people.  And though I don’t believe it, I have to include the ancient Lemurians, too.
    If ancient, giant humans grew to be 20 feet tall then they probably had some challenges.  That is because those 20 feet tall, giant people (as tall as flagpoles) had a problem if they had to eat normal sized fruits and vegetables.  Some animals would be hard for them to cook and eat, also.  A 10 pound watermelon in the palm of a 20 ft. giant’s hand would be like you holding a 2 pound eggplant in your hand.  But, a huge grapefruit to you would seem more like a grape to that giant.
    The 20 ft. giant’s handspan would be 18 inches wide, his shoe size would be 40 inches, he would have a waist size 10 feet around, and with a 4 ft. wide torso. This 20 ft. giant man’s body would weigh 10,000 pounds (with 80% as heavy liquid weight – blood, fat, bone marrow, water, etc).  He would have to eat 20 pounds of food, which would be about 20,000 calories, in one day; and he would drink about 15 gallons a day (6 gallons is the amount in his giant-sized six-pack of beer).  He could step over a car and probably run as fast as 70 miles per hour.  A 20 ft. giant man would not need a cannon.  He would be like a cannon; since he could probably throw a 10 pound bowling ball, that would seem to him like a baseball in his large hand, at 150 mph.  Get out of the way.  “Ouch!”  “Bye, Bye!”
    Just think about how much money a 12 ft. tall man would have to earn and to spend each and every day; just to survive in this present day, money hungry, world (thousands of 💵s a day?).  Where would he go to get his clothes, shoes 👞 , chair💺, or his bed?  How would a 12 ft. man take a bath in a bathtub 🛀, or sit on a 🚽?  What kind of 🚗 would he drive, or 🚲 would he ride?  He probably could not travel on an airplane since he could not use its 🚻.  A 12 ft. woman would not be able to go to the mall and do much shopping.  How could she use a smartphone📞 , or a 💻 , or buy 👙?  Life would not be very easy for 10 ft. to 15 ft. tall people, today.  Below are some images of giant human skeletons💀, and other giant related images.


David and Goliath






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